Letter from the Editors - Spring 2016

At Debevoise we feel passionately about the issues surrounding women in the workforce and in the world more broadly. As part of our commitment to the success of professional women, we have developed this platform as a way to harness the energy around this discussion, and – we hope – to take it further.The Debevoise Women’s Review will spotlight topics of interest to professional women, including the achievements, initiatives and advocacy efforts of women and organizations around the world. We hope to provide a range of diverse perspectives through interviews with leading women in business; thoughtful coverage of conferences and pertinent books and articles; and reflective pieces tying in the personal experiences of Debevoise women, alumni and clients. Our goal is to continue to strengthen our community of Debevoise women while encouraging the legal and business worlds to engage in discussion and collective action around the development, retention and promotion of female professionals.The enthusiasm around this project has been contagious at Debevoise, and we hope our readers will be similarly inspired. If there are topics you would like to see us cover or if you have interest in contributing, please feel free to contact us at women@debevoise.com.Peggy Davenport, My Chi To, Annie Balla and Erica Weisgerber